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Where are the attachments in the former Sub-customer accounts that were converted into Projects? We need it badly.

Attaching Contracts or Purchase Orders in the Sub-Customer accounts' Customer Details is part of our process. However, when we converted the sub-customer accounts to projects, the attachments are all gone. We need it back badly because it has become part of our process and we use those attachments as reference.

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Thank you for reaching out to the Community, @Ruben.


I can help share information about what happens to the data during the process in QuickBooks Online. When converting sub-customer to a project, any information from their details such as addresses, payment and billing, and attachments won't carry over.


Right now, it's only possible to merge existing transactions into a project. I can see how beneficial being able to revert and retrieve this type of information, but it's still unavailable.


I appreciate every input on this feature, and I'll make sure to let our product engineers know about your feedback. We always improve the features in QuickBooks Online, and this preference might be added in the future.


As we assess this, I suggest you visit our QuickBooks Blog to stay updated with all the changes that are being made.


Additionally, I recommend the following resource, which contains detailed steps and screenshots that will help a user learn more about what happens to the data: Change sub-customers into Projects.


If you have additional questions or concerns while working in QBO, leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to help you out.

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Reports and accounting

But where did the files go?


Reports and accounting

Good to have you back here, Ruben.


Once you upload a file in QuickBooks, it will be stored in the Attachments feature within QBO. You can use this option in retrieving your files to get the data you need. The steps are simple and pretty easy. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Settings icon.
  2. Under Lists, select Attachments.
  3. Click the Download link.

For the details of the transaction, you can go directly to the Expenses tab and select Vendors. Select the Vendors name, then from the Transactions List, simply select the type of transaction.


With these instructions, you'll surely get those information that was not carried over after converting your sub-customer into a project.


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