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Entering Medical Device Sales/Delivery Tickets

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I am not new to QB but am new to this type of business.  Our sales team attend surgical cases that use our products.  When they're finished we get a delivery ticket with all of our equipment used.  The sheet has several barcodes and numbers for each item used.

We'd like to keep track of each Delivery Ticket for each rep, but I have no idea how to enter this.  We want to create a type of checks & balances system so that we know which cases the reps were paid on etc.


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Reports and accounting

Create an estimate for each rep listing the items they take with them, I assume they are taking inventory items (requires QBO Plus).


when they come back having sold/used some, create the invoice or sales receipt for the customer.

If the rep replenishes his stock before going back out, there is no reason to adjust the estimate


if you have QBO Plus you can set up a class or location per rep and tag the transaction with it.
class allows you to tag each item line in a transaction
location allows you to tag the entire transaction
(I thought QBO had rep but I can't find it)

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Reports and accounting

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Reports and accounting


(I thought QBO had rep but I can't find it)


The Customer Type feature may be able to be used for sales reps.  It's part of Price Rules which you switch on in Settings/Sales.  Reporting options are very limited.  The other option is to set the sales rep as a primary customer, and set their customers as  sub-customers. Both these methods won't work, if a customer has different sales reps for different sales. Then Class or Location is better