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How do I specify which days a contractor is being paid for when I create an expense?

I'm a one man operation with a lot of contractors and I'm trying to figure out Quickbooks. The recent CARES act requires me to have updated 1099s for all of my contractors. I have a record of everything I have paid them and for what work, but I am months behind on adding that into Quickbooks, so I'm trying to catch up since I started my business in January 2020. I created my "Expense" for work that was done last week. I didn't see anywhere to put a date for the work performed. As I create additional Expenses, today, for work that was done and paid for weeks and months ago, how I do specific which pay period it is for? Do I just add a note? I want to make sure this information is clear when I visit a banker and apply for the SBA loan or get audited.