Level 3

Reports and accounting

My suggestion is that you get a qualified bookkeeper or CPA to do your bookkeeping and accounting. You have a lot going on and if you are looking for useful financial reports from your Qbks, for business decision purposes, you want assurance that the entries are correct. Garbage in, garbage out. As it sounds like you learned with the previous bookkeeper.


You DO sell "products." Your description of "renting the games" at these events is RETAILING. It is NOT a service.


Again, my best advice is for you to develop a relationship with a local CPA for bookkeeping and tax advice. As previously mentioned, your Partnership will cease being a partnership when only one partner remains. There are legal steps to notify the state and feds that the partnership is dissolved. A completely NEW company must be formed. Not saying you can't use the same name.


Contact a local professional. PLEASE! Best of luck! Sounds like you have a fun company.