QuickBooks Team

Reports and accounting

Hello, @Luke65.


The workaround we can to for now is to manually remove the billable check-mark under the Billable column for your expenses. Or, you can create an invoice for those billable transactions, then just manually change the rates to zero (0).


To remove the billable mark for your expenses:


  1. Open the expense transaction, remove the check-mark under the Billable column.
  2. Click on the Save or Save and close button to record the changes.
  3. Follow the steps for the rest of the billable transactions.


To create an invoice with zero rates:


  1. Select Invoice from the Plus (+) new icon, then select the customer's name under the Customer section.
  2. Look for the billable transactions under the Add to Invoice section, then click the Add button for the billable expenses you want to add.
  3. The expense/s will now be added to the invoice, change the amount to zero (0).
  4. Save the transaction.
  5. Repeat the steps for other customers.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm a few clicks away to help. Have a good day!