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I need to run a a gross sales report by month but I can't seem to find one.  Can you direct me to the EASIEST way to accomplish this?



QuickBooks Team

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Hello clearview872. QuickBooks Online doesn't have a report that shows gross sales per month.


However, you can pull up the Sales by Product/Service Summary report and change the date range per month. Here's how:

  1. Select Reports on the right side
  2. In the search bar type Sales by Product
  3. The report will appear below as you begin to type. When it does, select it to run the report.

We also have a good article on customizing reports in QuickBooks Online that may help you filter the report to your needs better.


I'd encourage you to request that this option be added. You can send a product suggestion by clicking the Gear icon and selecting Feedback. We'd really appreciate your suggestion since many of our updates come from customer recommendations. 

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Reports and accounting

I have the Desktop version and there isn't a report named Sales by Product.  Is there are corresponding report for the Desktop version?  Thanks.

QuickBooks Team

Reports and accounting

I'll show you the reports where you can find your monthly gross sales in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT), @teamchambie.


We can use the Sales Graph report to view your total sales in a month in QuickBooks. Here's how:


  1. Go to Reports and select Sales.
  2. Click Sales Graph.
  3. Select Dates to modify the dates that will show your gross sales for a month.


In addition, you can customize this report to show the information that you needed the most. Then, memorize it to save its customization.


The Community always has your back, so please let me know if you have any questions.

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Reports and accounting

I would rather have a normal report and not a graph....can I convert that into something besides a graph?

QuickBooks Team

Reports and accounting

Thanks for getting back to us, @teamchambie.


Currently, the option to convert graph reports to a standard report is not possible in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). However, you can consider opening the Sales by Item Details report and customize it to your desired date. Let me show you how.


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Reports menu.
  2. Select Sales and choose Sales by Item Details.
  3. Adjust the date of the report at the top corner. 1.PNG

For more insights, you can refer to this article on how to generate reports to shows the information you need: Customize reports in QuickBooks Desktop. Then, memorize it to save its current settings. This saves you time in generating a report again to show the details you need.


I'll take note of this feature request to our product engineers so they'll consider adding this in the future updates. In the meantime, I encourage checking our Product Updates page to stay updated on what's new in QuickBooks.


Do get back to us whenever you have other concerns or questions. I'm always here ready to help. Take care!

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