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Reports and accounting



I have a similar question for a client related to discounts and I wanted to see if you can assist me.


We have clients who may take a remittance deduction from our invoices because previous agreements have permitted a backhaul allowance (loosely defined as a discount per case in exchange for the client using their resources to transport our merchandise).  I am capable of creating the account but I want to make sure all of the proper designations used.


Within QuickBooks I propose the following to record these transactions:

  • Item name “Backhaul”
  • Description of item “Backhaul allowance per case”
  • Type of entry “Discount”
  • The account of record “Sales Discounts: Off invoice/Rebates”
  • Price per case “-.25”

I am unsure of the assignment of each of these parameters.  Likewise, I don’t know about using negative values for the numeric entry.  But the numeric value will have to be calculated for every invoice since a quantity cannot be entered for this type of item.