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Hi Angela!


I have high respect for the people in the medical field, especially with our situation today. Thank you for your service!


As for your question, doubling cash-in entries or income happens when you create a deposit and an invoice payment, which I think what happened to yours. QuickBooks thinks that they are separate transactions, which shouldn't be. So, we'll reverse the process to apply the payment deposits as payment to the invoices. I'll guide you through this.


First, you'll want to delete your invoice payment transactions in your account history. This will turn the invoice as unpaid again.


Second, edit each deposit and change the details like in the screenshot. This will turn them into credits and will be used to pay the invoices.


bank deposit.PNG


Third, open each invoice, click on Receive payment, and apply the deposits as payments to each of them.


receive payment.PNG


You can check your account history as you delete and edit your transactions.


Stay safe on your medical journey and more power to your business! Please don't hesitate to go back to this thread if you need more assistance.