Level 3

Reports and accounting

But the payment didn't bounce - for some reason when I signed in to my online merchant services account - through my web browser - the account was another customer's account.  I didn't notice the account wasn't mine.  I don't process many transactions through MS so all are manually entered through the web browser.  I noticed the email receipt defaulted to another customer (who just so happened to have recently set-up an MS account).  I simply changed the email to mine thinking it was the auto populate.  Turns out I was actually in that customer's MS account and processed another customer's payment through their account!  All very strange.  Intuit CR couldn't seem to understand what I was telling her.  I signed into what I thought was my MS account using MY password, etc.  Never would I have thought my password would be able to access another customer's account.  No the issue is getting the transaction straight so I get my money, and hopefully we get the fee reversed.  I really think Intuit should look carefully into this issue.