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Bill of Lading issues

Hi all~

I am having issues with my Straight Bill of Ladings showing up in my receivable reports and under sales reports.  If I do a BOL and print it to the warehouse - they may not be able to fill it for, as an example, a week.  So the BOL doesn't get converted to an invoice until that time, which is when we send it to the customer.  However, the BOL will show up as a receivable as soon as it is saved.  How do I keep this from happening?


The other issue I have is BOL's that are made up to tell Whs A to transfer to Whs B, for example, and show a quantity of product but no pricing - they are showing up under sales reports as if we sold the items at $0, therefore affecting the total sales/gross profits, etc.


Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to rectify these two situations?