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I'm here to ensure you can set up your payments in QuickBooks Online, @userhello2.


There are two scenarios I can think of based on the info you've shared. First, if you mean you want to set up a payments account, then you'll need to use a US address.


Second, if you mean you want to process the payments for your company's billing, then the same principle applies. For more details, please check out this article: Subscription payment options for QuickBooks Online.


 QuickBooks Online (QBO) only accepts a US address based on the credit card you're using. Thus, you can use the business address instead to ensure the process will go through.


Once successful, you can begin taking and processing your customer payments to get paid automatically. In case you're accepting a Non-US credit card, please refer to this article for the steps: Accept Non-US credit card from customers using QuickBooks Merchant Services.


Also, if you have multiple QuickBooks companies, you can use the same login info. This way, you can switch between companies easily and make your task more efficient.


I'm always around to lend a hand if you have more questions about managing your QBO account. Just add your reply in the comment section so I can assist you further. Take care and have a nice day.