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Can I limit user access so my employees can create, send, edit estimates and invoices but NOT see my receivables?

Also, I have 2 tablets with one "view" and I am setting up a new tablet but it has a different "view". I want the appearance to be the same for all of them.
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I can share some tips on how to set up the kind of access that you'd like, @bcotebcs.


You can create a new role and set it to only Invoices and Estimates. Here's how:

  1. Go to Gear icon (⚙) and click on Manage Users.
  2. Select the Roles tab and then choose Add role
  3. Click the checkbox for Invoices and Estimates. Hit Next once done. 
  4. Set a role name and description, then click on Save.

Once done, you can now assign this role to your employees:

  1. Go to the Users tab from your Manage users page and select Add user.
  2. Click on Custom role and choose the role that you've created. Hit Next.
  3. Enter the user’s name and email address, then select Save.

The user you add can only create invoices and estimates. Check this article for more information: Add and manage custom roles in QuickBooks Online Advanced.


Also, here are the user types and user permissions in QuickBooks Online


Let me know if there's anything that I can assist you in managing your user roles. I'm always here to help. Have a wonderful day!