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Rep field Auto-Population is inconsistent on Sales Orders / Invoices

Every customer on my customer list has a Rep assigned to them. Whenever my team makes a sales order and then an invoice, it should auto-populate it with the Rep assigned.

However, the auto-population has been very inconsistent. I run a monthly report that shows me detailed sales with 'Rep' being one of the columns and 80% (no exaggeration) of the fields are blank. Even within the same customer, I see the vast majority of the invoices without a Rep assigned.


Looking into the invoices themselves, I realize they did in fact fail to auto-populate and it isn't a case of the report just not showing the data. 


I have verified and rebuilt the data of our QB file, but it has not fixed this.


The methodology of sales order and invoice generation has not changed. It would be impractical to tell my team to keep an eye on the Rep field while they create invoices due to sheer volume of invoices processed especially since this shouldn't even be an issue.


Please help me figure out what could be causing this, thank you.