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lost company files doing accountants copy alternative option

I hope this is the correct board. I have Pro 2016 and the company will soon be closing so we decided not to renew?update to 2020. There is no option for an accountants copy(grayed out) alternative being done with CPA's employee. Lengthy so she had me call her back when it was completed.When i rechecked the progress the computer was completely frozen. Called her back and she said to just turn the computer off and back on leaving the flashdrive intact to keep the data. Instead i cannot log into the QB question asked was had i changed the name of my company. NO two of the CPA employees have worked with me to see what we can do. There are are no files on the flashdrive and when i try to log in at any stage i get nothing or a message that my caps lock is on. IT IS NOT.I even unplugged the keyboard from the computer and pluged it back in. DOES ANYONE have any suggestions for me ???? [email address removed]