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open sales order report by item detail export Excel item# and item description become combined field

When I  create an "open sales order report by item detail"  and export to  Excel the item# and description combine into one field i.e item#(description). I need to export to Excel a field with only the item#. I don't need the description.


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I can guide you with the steps on how to customize a report in QuickBooks before exporting it to Excel.


You will need to exclude the Item Description from the report so it doesn't export in the worksheet. Follow the steps below:


  1. On the Open Sales Orders by Item report, click on Customize Report.
  2. Under the Display tab, head to the Columns section.
  3. Make sure to remove the check mark for Item Description so it doesn't display on the report.
  4. Once done, press OK.


Please note that the report will get the item information from the item list. If the item number and name is added under one field, this will likely to show as combined when you export them. See this as an example:

Item List:




In this case, you will need to edit the item manually under Lists > Item List, or directly in Excel.


I'm also adding some related articles to help you learn more about the reports in QuickBooks:

Let me know if need additional assistance with this or have other questions with QuickBooks. I'll be right here to help. Have a lovely day!

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Reports and accounting

In the open sales report the  item number and the description are combined into one field and thus did export combined. It looks like if I should directly  edit the item manually under Lists > Item List this is linked to the sales description in the parts Lists. Therefore, if I did edit to remove the description in the List section  then the sales description would not show up on the invoice when I bill which is unacceptable. True? There are too many records to directly edit in Excel a report every day.


I need to get only the item# onto an Excel report. In the parts record  I have the “Manufacturers Part Number” field available but I cannot get that field to display on an “Open Sales by Item Report” and I have the same problem using a defined field.

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Reports and accounting

I have a way here, @PDG610.

You may consider adding a separate Item Number column on your Excel. You can sort the entries into alphabetical order or by dates to avoid missed details. Then copy the number from the combined item and description column. 

Once copied, you can remove the combined column on your Excel report. This way, the item number will only remain. Doing this won’t affect your transactions in the program.


Capture 1.PNG


There are several elements that you can modify. However, it varies depending on the report you run. Available columns and filters differ for each report or group because each draws information from the company file differently.

You can check this article here about customizing reports in QuickBooks Desktop. It includes resources that contain basic information about reports. 

Let us know if you need something else besides accessing detail on the report. We’ll be here to help you further.