QuickBooks Team

Reports and accounting

Welcome to the Community, @fcfarmgirl! I hope your morning is going well. Only time marked as billable makes it to invoices. Let's go ahead and check on the uploaded time. 

On the Home Screen in your QuickBooks Desktop account, click on Enter Time, then click on Use Weekly Timesheet.


If your time is uploaded, it should show up there in the Weekly Timesheet. Adjust the dates as needed and make sure that the box for 'Billable' is checked for those timesheets you wish to show up on invoices. Then, click Save.


Once that's done, when you open invoices for a particular customer, that time should appear. To add, I also recommend reaching out to your third-party app's support to get some extra help.


Please don't hesitate to reply to me here if you need any clarification on these steps.