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A customer wants me to set up automatic payments for her?

I set up a recurring transaction but not sure what happens next?
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I can share some information with recurring transactions that you've created, @ralphcarmona55-y.


It depends on what type of recurring transaction you create. If it's Scheduled it's sent automatically to your customers, and you'll get a notification when the transactions occur.


For Unscheduled and Reminder, you still need to go back to this template and use this one as a starting point for a new transaction. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Gear icon and choose Recurring transactions.
  2. Click the Use or the Edit column under the Action column for that specific template. 

I suggest checking this article for more information: Create recurring transactions in QuickBooks Online. Also, you can see the following article for detailed guidance on how to review your recurring transactions in QuickBooks Online.


For additional concerns or follow-up questions about your transactions, feel free to let me know in the Reply section below. Have a great rest of the day!

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Reports and accounting

Forgive me, @MaryJoyD, but the solution you gave is for one to send recurring invoices or payment reminders to the customer.  The question is how to set up recurring automatic PAYMENTS for THEIR customer. 

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