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Customer:Job should be added as a Report column header

The report "Expenses By Vendor Detail" allows the user to select from an extensive list of column headings. However, missing from the selection list is Customer:Job; this is an entry under the Check itemization page. Currently, i have to manually enter the Customer:Job info into the Memo field in the Check page (essentially having this info twice) just so that it's present in the Report under the Memo column. If Customer:Job was a column option, i would not have to manually enter the same info into the Memo field on Check for it to appear in the report.


Quickbooks should add Customer:Job to the column list.

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I have some information about the customer job column. This customization is unavailable in the report, you'll want to consider using your workaround by adding it in the memo field. This way, it'll be included in your report.


You might also want to create a custom transaction detail report to customize report enough to suit your needs.


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