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Quantity on Hand Consitency Issues

Hello Everyone,


I am having an issue where our Item List inventory isn't matching the QuickReport inventory. It's almost as if there are two separate inventories that Quickbooks is tracking. Please see the two attached screenshots for reference.


I am using Quickbooks Enterprise 2019 Release R13P. What's happening is a customer will order a product and our item list inventory will show 0 for the Quantity on Hand. I will create a Build Assembly to make inventory and it will correctly record that number. You can see this in my first reference screenshot, where I built 3 of an item since we had 3 on a sales order. When I then go to invoice the order, I receive the "Negative on Hand Detected" warning shown in the screenshot. I forgot to expand the last 3 columns before I took the screen shot, they are(from left to right) Quantity on Invoice, On Hand, and On Hand After Invoice. So this window is telling me that we actually only have 2 on hand, not 3, even though the "Item List" and the "Build Assembly" window both tell me we have 3 on hand.



In the item list window, I right click the item and choose "QuickReport". This QuickReport shows the 2 On Hand value that the invoice is seeing when it won't let me make a negative invoice. The weird part is that the Item List still says 3 on hand. In my second screenshot, I show this, with a different item. The Item List says I have 9616.52 MSI on hand for the Fluorescent Red Roll. I right click this item, choose "QuickReport" and it tells me the Quantity on Hand is only 5.47 MSI. 




This is causing issues in many areas since some parts of Quickbooks reference the Item List inventory and others reference this other inventory that shows up in the QuickReports. I cannot find any solutions online. I tried reconciling it with an inventory adjust, but any adjustments I make will affect both inventories. So If I wanted to add 9,611 MSI to the Fluorescent Red Roll that has 5.47 MSI in the second screenshot to bring it up to the QoH shown in the item list, Quickbooks will also add that to the 9616.52 MSI one in the item list so they will forever be about 9,611 apart. I haven't found a way to only change one of the inventories.


Another employee has been deleting very old transactions recently to try and help condense the file. My money is on it being something to do with that. Our file won't condense on it's own with the "Condense" feature and he said that this release of Quickbooks has a new feature that allows you to lop off very old fiscal years. I'm not exactly sure what the feature is. He has been rebuilding and verifying the build after every time he does it and it rebuilds successfully. I would think if there was a large inventory error it wouldn't rebuild.


Any comments or solutions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!