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We are creating estimates and in the past two days have noticed that when the estimates are emailed they now look like dot matrix embedded and not a QB estimate?

There's no longer an attachment sent, it's just this weird email with the information. In QB everything looks fine until it's emailed.
QuickBooks Team

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We've been alerted about this behavior in the system, mgordon523.


Something triggered the settings and our Product Engineers are looking into this now to determine why attachments are not being sent with emails.


For now, you can turn the settings back on. Then, manually download the estimate and send it to your client outside QuickBooks.


Let me show you how:

  1. Go to Settings , then Accounts and settings.
  2. Choose Sales.
  3. Click Online delivery, then mark the PDF Attached box.
  4. Click Save, then Done.

I've added this link to learn how an estimate works in QuickBooks: Set up and use estimates.


Let me know if you need anything else aside from creating estimates. I'll be around to help you.