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Help with reconciliation after merging credit card accounts and now have incorrect beginning balance

I have had the same credit card comprised several times since having it linked with QB and up until today didn't realize I could merge the accounts together. I had been creating new accounts and leaving the old accounts in the system. 


I discovered today on how to merge the accounts into one, and did so, however now the beginning balance when going to reconcile the new merged account is incorrect by a wide margin. The accounts that I merged from this credit card spanned approx. 4 years worth of transactions, all of which had been reconciled thru March 2, 2020.


I am now looking to resume reconciliation of the new merged account however the beginning balance is now incorrect since merging the accounts. Also since merging it no longer shows a history/record of the reconciliations of the previous accounts.


Please advise how I may be able to fix this merging disaster.


Thank you.