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In response to, "For now, the option to create recurring transactions is only available in QuickBooks Online Essentials and Plus versions. If you're using lower than these versions, this can be the reason why you're getting this kind of behavior."


I am honestly a bit aghast you are telling me it is possible the reason my version of QuickBooks is sending invoices to clients unpredictably and without prompting, is because I am not paying for the more advanced plans? Is this truly the method in which QuickBooks chooses for upselling their product? No where in my Simple Start plan does it mention getting an unstable version of QuickBooks that will unpredictably send invoices to clients, unless I pay for the advanced plans. Purchasing higher plans should unlock features, not be the resolution of debugging a known issue.

What is appalling, is that you changed your response after submitting. Thankfully I retained a screen shot of the original response.