Level 1

What happened to my old invoices and estimates?

Logged on and all my estimates and invoices had been removed from the page.

Reports and accounting

Do you see other data except for old invoices and estimates, astallings?


If all of your data is missing, you might want to check your login credentials. You could be using a different account right now. If the estimates were the only ones missing, let's perform these browser troubleshooting steps.


Let's begin by accessing your account in an incognito or private window of your browser. This way, we can check if this issue is browser-related. Sometimes the stored cache causes errors.


Here's how:

  • On your keyboard, press Ctrl Shift (Google Chrome).
  • Ctrl Shift (Firefox).
  • Control Option (Safari).

If it works, go back to your previous browser and clear the cache. Once done, log in to your account again and check to see if the invoices and estimates are now showing.


If you need anything else, don't hesitate to let me know.

Level 15

Reports and accounting

Did you just purchase a new QBO account?