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Fixing vendor credits and customer refunds in Accountants copy

I am working in an accountant's copy for our client and they have open payables that they need closed.  I made journal entries to close them, put their names to the journal entries, and I see that the vendors have credits available through the "Pay Bills" section.  Since it tells me I need to use the "Fix Unapplied Vendor Payment and Credits " under the "Client Data Review" feature I assumed I would see the journal entry in the payments/credits column but all I see are checks that the client has written. None of those payments apply to the payables I'm trying to clear out.


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Hi @KelbyR,


Welcome aboard to the Community. I'm here to assist you with closing accounts payables in QuickBooks Desktop.


The general journal entry (JE) should show from the payments/credits column if the accounts you debit and credit are correct. I suggest reviewing the transaction to ensure you can apply it to the unpaid bills.


Also, please make sure you select the correct vendor from the JE to ensure it shows up to the credits. Please see sample screenshots below for your visual reference:




If you're referring to something else, please don't hesitate to let me know. You can add more details down below, and the Community will get back to you.


Additionally, I recommend visiting the following article to fix Accounts Receivable (A/R) or Accounts Payable (A/P) balances on a cash basis: Resolve AR and AP balances on the cash basis Balance Sheet.


Fill me in if you have additional questions about clearing the payables in QuickBooks Desktop. I'm always here to help. Take care always.

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Still doesn't show up.  I can see my journal entry in the same spots as your screenshots.

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Thanks for coming back to the Community, KelbyR.

I appreciate following the troubleshooting shared by my colleague and letting us know the result.

As mentioned above, some payments were not applied to the payables. That’s why you’re unable to see the journal entry.

There are several ways on how to handle this type of situation in QuickBooks. The troubleshooting is scenario-based, so I suggest following the steps that fit your situation: Bill shows as unpaid after writing a check in QuickBooks Desktop.

If you wish to link the check to the bill, use this option if the entry has been reconciled. Let me guide you through the process.


  1. Open the check you created.
  2. Choose the Expenses tab and change the expense account to Accounts Payable.unapplied.pngunapplied.1.png
  3. In the Customer: Job drop-down, select the vendor name. If you don't enter a name, QuickBooks will ask you to choose a vendor for the Accounts Payable line item.
  4. Press Save & Close.

To pay the transaction:


  1. Go to the Vendors menu and pick Pay Bills.
  2. From the list, select the bill connected to the check.
  3. Tap the Set Credits button to open the Discount and Credits window.
  4. Navigate to the Credits tab and tick the box for the credit.unapplied.2.png
  5. Press Done and Pay Selected Bills.

However, if these steps don’t apply to your situation, choose the solution that works for you. To keep your client’s accounts payable records in order, let me share this article that covers all the information: Accounts Payable workflows.

Please let me know if there's any other way I can be of assistance. I'm just a few clicks away if you have any questions. Have a great day ahead. 

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After reviewing the checking account I found that this method did create checks in the the checking account that threw off my cash balance.  I don't recommend this method for anyone who finds this afterword.