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Need to know how many Items needed to build all assemblies on sales order

We use assemblies to sell fence in Quick books. 

All the items to build the assemblies are loaded and assembled on jobsite. The assemblies in Quick books are not built till after invoiced. 

 I need to know quantity of each item needed to build all assemblies on the open sales orders. 

Like to have a pick list generated from each individual sales order with all the items needed to build the assemblies on one sales order.


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Hello there, B Reiff. Thanks for sharing your concern in the Community forum.


The number of items you set up and what item consists of that assembly depends on you. Also, QuickBooks Desktop has an option to automatically create sub-assemblies. If you consider using this feature, you can follow the steps below:



1. Go to the Inventory menu and select Build Assemblies.
2. Tick the Automatically build required subassemblies option.


For more tips and information, you can use this article as your guide:  Create, build, and work with inventory assembly items.


Comment below if you have other questions. Take care always and stay safe.

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Reports and accounting

I want to be able to print a picklist from a sales order  what i need to build all the assemblies on a individual sales order

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Reports and accounting

Hello there, @B Reiff.


You can run a report for the Pending Assemblies to know what are the inventory parts you need to prepare for each sales order. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Reports menu and select Inventory.
  2. Choose Pending Builds.
  3. Click on each transaction to see the specific builds per assembly. This is how it looks like:


You can also run the Open Sales Orders by Item report. To know more how to track the items you build, check out this article: Track the products you manufacture.


I've added this reference page for your future tasks in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT):QBDT Self-Help Articles.


Please don't hesitate to tag my name in the comment section below if you have other questions. I'd be happy to help you. Take care.