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Hey info803,


It's great that you have so many accounts connected. The bank feeds offer incredible time savings by automating most of the data entry, and go a long way in simplifying your reconciliations. By verifying and adding transactions as you go, you can always rest assured that your tax filings will be accurate. The bank feed uses data from how similar transactions were categorized to automatically suggest the same settings. In the event that any of this info is incorrect, simply click on any field of the transaction to make changes. 


If you prefer to disable this feature entirely, you can turn it off in just a couple easy steps:

  1. Click on the Gear icon and then select Account and Settings.
  2. Head to the Advanced tab and click on the Automation section.
  3. Uncheck Pre-fill forms with previously entered content.
  4. Click Save then Done.

With this small change, bank feeds will no longer estimate how a transaction should be added. 


Let me know if this works! QuickBooks is all about customization, so I want to make sure you can make it your own.