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I'm new. I imported all invoices from Freshbooks and they were previously paid. Now I'm getting notified that they are unpaid. How do I mark them as paid?

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Hello david-mcquinnmed,


Welcome to the QuickBooks Online family! I'm thrilled that you've chosen our software to continue managing your business's books and am glad to see you've gotten started with bringing in your data. I can shed more light on how importing invoices works so that you can get back to work in your books.


When using the built-in option to import multiple invoices at once, the program will help you map and enter the invoices into the program. This process doesn't, however, include invoice payments. That's why you're seeing all your invoices as unpaid despite them having been recorded as paid in Freshbooks.


To make sure your invoices are now paid in QuickBooks Online, it's a matter of going to the +New button in the left menu and choosing Receive payment. The following article outlines the exact steps to take and important things to keep in mind with this process: Record invoice payments in QuickBooks Online


In the event you've used a third-party service or application to import the transactions, I recommend reaching out to their support teams for more information about how their service works to learn if invoice payments should have also been imported. If it's an app you've connected to QuickBooks Online, you can follow these steps to see the contact options.

  1. Click Apps in the left menu.
  2. Choose My Apps.
  3. Select the app you used.
  4. Find the contact details in the App information side bar.

That should get you back on track, but let me know if you have other questions or concerns. You can also search right here in the QuickBooks Community for other help articles for completing other tasks in your books. The Learn & Support section of our website also has other resources for getting you and QuickBooks Online acquainted with one another.


We've got you covered!