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How do I unmark an invoice that was marked paid when it wasn't really paid fully

QuickBooks Team

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Hi hardscapesdc,


Making sure your invoice payments are accurate is a great way to keep track of what money is still owed on what invoice. I can help go over how to remove the paid notification on an invoice.


QuickBooks Online makes receiving payments from customers a quick process to help you save time. When receiving a payment you will need to make sure that you enter the correct amount that was received towards the invoice. In order to do this you just need to receive a payment and at the end of the payment line enter the amount that was paid. If the invoice is coming up as paid the only way to remove it would be to delete the payment and receive it again. You can delete the payments by going to Sales>All Sales from there open the payment for the invoice, select more at the bottom and then delete. Once the payment is deleted the paid status will be removed from the invoice and you can receive the correct amount.


Have a great day!