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Thank you for the reply Rebecca. Could you please explain the real-world scenario where someone would want to create a reoccurring Estimate as closed? It just seems like a non-sensical workflow. Closed is the only way to "soft-delete" an estimate since there is no hard delete for estimates. Why would any user want to yearly create a deleted Estimate for a customer? The Estimate just sort of disappears. It is taken out of any future work-flow. 


Getting an recurring Estimate in the correct state seems pretty difficult. When you open up an existing Estimate and select "Make recurring" it impossible from the Edit screen to even know what status the Estimate is. You would first have to exit the Estimate, update its state, then go back in the Edit screen and select "Make recurring", then you would have to go back into the previous screen and update the status back to what you had. This seems complicated, and very error prone.