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Hello pondball,


It's awesome that you're considering using QuickBooks Online for your bookkeeping needs and I can appreciate making sure it can do what you need before jumping in. I'm happy to go over the sales tax options with you.


Luckily, Out of scope is a default sales tax code in the program. This means you won't have to set it up at all. Simply turn on Canadian sales tax codes you need and you'll see the following three already set up for you: zero rated, tax exempt, and out of scope. This is a great article for getting acquainted with QuickBooks Online's sales tax codes: Common sales tax codes


Here are the steps for setting up sales tax when you're ready.

  1. Select Taxes from the left menu.
  2. Choose Set up sales tax.
  3. Select a province or territory and click Save.
  4. Fill in the Agency settings and click Next.
  5. Click Got it to complete set up.

Once you've got one set of provincial sales taxes set up, here's how you can add more: How to set up a new sales tax code


I want to make sure you have the information you need for your discounts as well. QuickBooks Online has a field that can be configured on sales forms to add an overall discount to the transaction. When you need to add discounts to individual items, using the line item solution that you're mentioning is the way to go. You would simply set up an item in your Products and services area, then add it to the form as a negative line item. If you need a hand with that, just let me know


I'm available should you have any more questions. I hope to see you again soon!

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