Level 2


Hi Laura 

Thanks for your reply. I was using the test file and saw three tax codes in that file, the zero, exempt and then the ontHst tax code...  it not the Out or Scope code. Perhaps that was because it was the online test file? Anyway, as long as I know it’s there that will be good... otherwise I end up taxing a discount and it would throw things out of whack...  not something a non-accountant needs to have happen!


I’ve  gone through many of the video tutorials, again to make sure this is the last time (4 times over the course of 30+ years) that I change accounting apps. Hopefully the Canadian version of QB stays in vogue, as I’ve had two others cease and desist on me, thus necessitating the switch. On that note I thought I had come across a series of video tutorials that had been intended to get someone (non accountant) going with QB. .. but haven’t come across it again in the last few days. Do you have a link to that series? Also, will there be a test file with the real QBO once I sign up so that I can experiment on that file instead of my actual business file?

Once again, Thanks for your reply.



on that note, I thought I saw a