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Track sales taxes on purchases from vendors (in QuickBooks Online)

Hi, The title of my question 

(i.e.Track sales taxes on purchases from vendors)

is already posted and Answered in below link:


 - BUT its for QuickBooks Desktop. 

May any expert(s) explain the execution steps (in detail) for the same query for QuickBooks Online? As I  am not finding certain option(s) - e.g. there is no RECALCULATE button on BILL form as mentioned in referenced post against QB Desktop. 

Also note that we have both scenarios 

i.e. we have to pay total of the net amount and provincial sales tax amount to supplier and also have to pay federal tax amount to respective tax agency (not to supplier). Means there are three types of amounts in the physical invoice we receive form supplier (net amount + prov. tax + fed. tax).