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Re: Help with rejected W-2/W-3 efile

Thank you.  I knew that was incorrect because I've always had to file my 941 employees separately from my 943 employees.  I spoke with the SSA this morning and their computer shows that my W-3/W-2's each had ALL of my employees included and so the second transmission was considered a duplicate.  Apparently the problem is that I chose "all employees" on the beginning screen and then individually selected which ones I wanted to include on that particular submission.  I assumed that if I didn't include the employee by checkmarking it, it wouldn't be included in the final submission... especially since the printed version of my W-3 shows the correct number and total wages for that batch.  Smiley Sad  Smiley Sad  I'm assuming I now have to file W-2c/W-3c's to correct this and I'm so frustrated.