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i need to correct a 1099 already submitted to IRS. How do I do that?

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Re: 1099

Greetings, @roni1.


Welcome and thanks for reaching out to the Community. I'm here to share information about correcting the 1099-Misc form that was already submitted to IRS.


To do this, you need to print a new paper or a pre-printed form and mail them to the IRS to amend it. Here's how:


1. Go to Expenses menu at the left panel, then Vendors.
2. Click Prepare 1099s and Continue your 1099s.
3. Follow the steps and make the necessary corrections.
4. Once done, choose Print and mail, then follow the steps to print your forms.


For your reference, you can also check out these articles for further guidance:



That's it! Please let me know how it goes or if you have any follow-up questions in the comment section. I'm always here you need further assistance. Take care and have a good one.