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Re: Set up Automated Sales Tax for Cash accounting method

Will there ever be a way to track payments through the Sales Tax Center in the cash basis?


Thank  you for your reply. I am currently still using the Sales Tax Center even though my accounting method is cash basis. I was wondering if there was a way to combine the  Sales Tax Center maybe through the chart of accounts?


"Revenue Payable/Other Current Liabilities/Sales Tax Payable" (Connected to the Sales Tax Center)
"Sales Tax/Expenses /Taxes Paid” (Sales Tax Payments Made)

I tried to change one of the transactions and got a warning
“Something's not quite right. You have either selected a tax liability account on a transaction where it's not allowed, or haven't specified a tax rate along with it.”

And tried to change name of account: “Something’s not quite right. You can't change or delete this account because it's used to track sales tax amounts.”

Tried merging: “not quite right Another account of a different detail type is already using this name. Please use a different name. You can merge accounts only when both their 'Type' and 'Detail Type' match.”