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Thank you for your reply, but my concern is not with the Original Sales Tax line.  My issue is that the Sales Tax Center used to show all tax agencies and all months under Sales Tax Owed.  Now, because I have not had any sales tax liability so far this year, nothing shows there for "current year."  I can't see my sales tax agency and the "Record Tax Payment" option is grayed out.  If I select "previous year" I CAN see my tax agency and ALL months, even months with no tax liability.  This is a problem because I need to enter a late filing fee for March, even though there was no tax due.  I've never had an issue with this until this year. I could always select the agency, select the month, and enter an adjustment, even for months with no tax liability. Now I have no way of recording this late fee through the Sales Tax Center.  I guess my only option is a journal entry.  I included a screen shot to show the difference between the current year view, and last year view