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Re: Clarifications on Sales Tax handling in Invoice When Credits applied

hi RenjolynC, thanks for the update. i am familiar with this process. Actually i am developer and having an integration of QuickBooks with in our Application. i working on the functionality of apply credits on invoices. here is my case, let suppose i sold a product to customer,for this i created a invoice of $32($30 + $2(sales tax)) and received a payment of $32 from customer. after some time customer has return my product and asking for refund. for this i create a credit memo of $32 ($30 + $2). and apply to an invoice. In invoice the amount of credit memo is showing as a received payment(i.e $32).here is my question, i have return all the amount ($32) to the customer but according to invoice, i have to pay $2 as a sales tax. am i missing something or follow the wrong process?