QuickBooks Team


Good morning, @SNBryan. I'm here to clear some things up.


QuickBooks Online's new Automated Sales Tax Center makes it easier to collect, report, and pay your sales tax. This is a one-stop spot for managing all your sales tax tasks. Once you're switched to the new Automated Sales Tax Center, then you can't switch back to the manual. I've provided steps below on how to record a tax payment:

  1. Go to Taxes on the left-hand menu, then Sales Tax.
  2. From the Sales Tax Owed list, select and highlight the tax agency you're recording the payment.
  3. Hit Record Tax Payment.
  4. In the Bank Account dropdown, choose the bank account you're making the payment.
  5. Enter the payment date and tax ending period date from the dropdowns. 
  6. Input the tax payment amount.
  7. If you need to print a check for the payment, mark the Print a Check checkbox and then press Record Payment and Print Check.

That's all there's to it! 


Let me know if you have further questions or concerns. Have a beautiful day!