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Re: WA Paid Family and Medical Leave

Hi there, dnneuen.


Thanks for getting back to us. Allow me to address your concerns and provide some insights about Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave. 


All the information provided by my colleagues above are based on the tax regulations and policies of your state agency. At the moment, we're still waiting for an update from our engineers on how to set up the Washington Paid Family Leave filing and payments in Intuit Online Payroll.

For additional information, you can check this article about Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave (New Tax 2019).

To set up a payroll item for Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave, here’s how: 

  1. Select the Setup tab.
  2. Click the State Taxes - WA.
  3. Scroll down to the Paid Family Medical and Leave Premium ER item.
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose the rate corresponding to your responsibility from the Employee & Employers rate section above.

If you need further assistance with the steps, I encourage you to contact our Intuit Online Support Team. They have additional tools to pull up your account in a secure environment and do a remote session. 

Here’s how you can contact our support: 

  1. Click this link: https://payroll.intuit.com/support/contact/.
  2. Select your payroll subscription.
  3. Choose Payroll for the topic.
  4. Click View Contact Info to get the phone number. 

If you have additional questions about WA Paid Family and Medical Leave don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Have a good one.