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Re: WA Paid Family and Medical Leave

I was having the same issue as Dnneuen.  We are a small company with fewer that 50 employees and the Company would like to pay for the employee portion of the tax. There is no direct option for this in QB (even with the payroll update), but I believe I have come up with a solution to the issue (this solution is for the Desktop version of QB, not sure if it would work for the online version).  I added the WA Paid Fam. Med Leave CO to each employee's payroll "other tax" category (where the medicare Employee Addl Tax is added to each employee).  Below that in the Co. Portion Rate, I put in 63%. Then I did a test paycheck for January to see how much came out of the paycheck for the item.  According to my calculations, it comes out with the correct amount to be held for the "employee portion" that the company will pay for, and it does not deduct it from the employee paycheck (as it would if you were to use the Employee line item). 


Hope this makes sense and helps resolve the issue!