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Re: Sales Tax collected and Sales Tax payable

Hello again, bwaugh1986.

Thanks for performing the steps I provided to resolve the sales tax discrepancy and updating me on what happened.

Let’s try some new steps to fix this. To begin, open the Sales Tax Liability Report and enter the correct period. This is to determine if the payment was applied to a different period.

To run the report:


  1. Go to Reports on the left panel.
  2. Enter Sales Tax Liability Report in the search field.
  3. Click on the drop-down for Report period, and select the correct date.
  4. Select Run Report.
  5. Go to the Taxable Amount column, and click on the amount to see the details.
  6. Then review all the transactions.

If the payment is recorded to the correct date, I recommend you get in touch with our QuickBooks Online Support Team. They have the tools to trace where the issue is coming from.

Once identified, they’ll provide solutions to correct your records. In addition, check the accounting basis used when checking the sales tax owed since it affects the amount of sales tax you owe for each period.


For more insights, check out this article: Cash vs Accrual accounting and its effect on sales tax.
I also added a link that provides information on how QBO calculates sales tax: The QuickBooks Blog.

After contacting our phone support, the tax collected and tax payable will show the same amount.

Reach out to me if you have questions about managing transactions in QBO. I'll be happy to answer them. Wishing you the best.