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Incorrect Employee Percentage for WA State Paid Family & Medical Leave Act Tax

According to the WA State Employment Security Department, the tax Paid Family and Medical Leave Act tax on employees is 63.333% of the 0.4% tax.  The solution that QuickBooks has recently released to collect the PFMLA tax only allows for employers to input the tax rate as 63%.  This means that we will not collect the correct amount of taxes from the employee to remit to the state.  Additionally, the law is written so that it is not possible for employers to retroactively collect the correct tax amount.


What can be done so that employers can collect the full 63.333% starting on the 1/1/2019 payroll?


Please see bullet point 2 in the key details on https://paidleave.wa.gov/how-do-i-pay-premiums for the documentation.