Hi there, ExpoCorey.


Thanks for letting me know the message you're getting when doing the Record Transfer into QuickBooks.


Since sales tax payment was processed via two banking transactions, we can delete the payment within the sales tax. This payment can be the cause of why the system is not allowing us to record this as a transfer in QuickBooks. Afterward, we can directly match the transaction from the Banking page.


Here are the steps on how to match transactions:


  1. Go to Banking on the left panel.
  2. Within the Banking tab, make sure you are in the For Review section.
  3. Find the downloaded transactions.
  4. Click Add or Match under the Action column.



In recording the payment, you can you can go to Step 3: Record your tax payment in QuickBooks to see the complete steps on how to do it.


About your second concern, I see how useful to have supporting documents like what we have in the old interface. If the new sales tax feature is turned on, we're unable to switch back to the old one. But, I would suggest giving our specialist a short call. They might share other things that we can do to use the old interface back.


Here's how to contact them:


  1. Click the Help menu and select Contact Us.
  2. Let them know that you want to use the old sales tax.
  3. Click Let's talk.
  4. Select the Get a callback option.



Due to COVID-19, we have limited support and reduced our support hours too. To make sure we address your concern on time, you can check their work schedule in this article: Support hours and types. Please go to the QuickBooks Online section to view the details.


Please know that you can always post here if follow-up questions with this. Take care always!