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Just circling back around here, I was able to solve my problem.    I had a "filed" return, but I needed to remove the payment that was made, so that I could mark the return paid with 2 entries instead of one.   (to match my banking transactions that actually happened.)


When viewing the return, the date of payment is a blue link, and you're given the option to "DELETE" the payment.   That allowed me to create 2 new payments against the return, which then allowed me to match the banking transactions for the same 2 payments.   Worked great. 

2020-06-29 16_15_17-Sales tax.jpg


It wasn't obvious to me that I needed to delete the existing payment in order to allow new payments to be added.

2020-06-29 16_16_03-Sales tax payment.jpg



Thanks for everyones help!     


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