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Re: WA Paid Family and Medical Leave



I have worked with two clients using this unauthorized solution and paychecks were created as expected (no employee deduction and an employer liability for the employee portion only).


Unknown is how this will play out when Intuit creates their interface for reporting to ESD in April. There could be major problems, especially if three months worth of paychecks will need to be reworked. But for now, the checks are running as one would hope.


Your reimbursement payroll item might make the employees whole, but Box 14 on the year end W-2's might not be correct (although the amount reported there seems to be for information only and probably does not affect employee taxes), and depending on how you set up the reimbursement, may or may not adjust the amount payable to the Washington State Employment Security Division.


If there is any consolation, ADP Payroll Processing is having similar teething problems with this tax, although they don't seem to be as severe as Intuit's. Intuit has really given themselves a black eye with their (mis) handling of the situation.


Judging from the message traffic on this thread alone, there is an extremely high level of frustration (tending toward anger) among the users.