Level 3

multiple sales tax rates

I have a small fishing lodge located in Texas.  Some of our offerings, such as meals and fishing tackle sales are subject to general Texas sales tax of 6.25% which is payable monthly to the State Comptroller.  Our room rates are subject to a Texas hotel tax of 6% which is payable quarterly to the State Comptroller and a 9% hotel tax which is payable monthly to the local county treasurer.

I currently have only the general sales tax set up as Sales Tax and all items subject to it are set up as taxable.

To track the Texas and county hotel taxes I have items set up in my Item Lists for each room rate which are tied to a Texas Hotel tax Liability account and a county Hotel tax liability account.  The only problem is each Hotel tax item must be manually added to the invoice.


My question is: Is there a way to set up a second tax item similar to the general sales tax for the hotel taxes which would go to a hotel tax liability account.  In other words, can I set up a tax code with a different tax rate from the general sales tax and make the room rates subject to that tax?