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I need to add taxes on lodging but I can't figure out to do it since the state of oregon doesn't charge sales taxes

how to customize sales tax
QuickBooks Team


Hi, @trishhaber.


I'll share some information about tax in Oregon in QuickBooks Online. 


Before customizing the sales tax in the transaction, let's verify first with your agency if the lodging is taxable or not. Also, sales tax in Oregon is limited only. 


If it's nontaxable, then there's no need to customize it in your sales. On the other hand, if it's taxable, then you can follow the steps below on how to customize it. 


  1. Go to the Plus icon, then choose Invoices
  2. Complete the needed information. 
  3. Add the amount in the box beside the agency name. 
  4. Hit Save and close



To know more about the different sales tax rate and their website link, visit this article: Find your sales tax rate for your state.


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Let me know anytime if you have other concerns with your account. I'm just a comment away. Have a great day!