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Let me provide you factors to consider when tracking sales taxes and how to get them accurately tracked in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

  • If you're selling in multiple locations, the correct sales tax for each location needs to be calculated.
  • QBO automatically calculates the correct sales tax for you for each location.
  • In order for QBO to calculate the correct sales tax, you'll need to make sure that your sales tax settings are correct. 

To get started, we need to set up a sales tax item for every location. This way, we can keep track of which sales tax is needed for a certain location.


Then, when creating an invoice, select the correct sales tax based on your location:

  1. On the Plus (+) icon, click on Invoice
  2. Enter the necessary information.
  3. Under the Sales tax drop-down, choose the correct sales tax intended for the invoice.
  4. Click Save and Close.

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