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Re: Changes to invoice templates are not saving

Thank you for getting back to me and clearing up the answer to question 3.


In Custom Form Styles we currently have 3 Templates: The Standard (which I assume is the master) plus 2 templates that we have created ourselves. 


At first we tried making changes to the Standard Template and we did ensure that this template was selected when creating the invoice using the 'Customise' button. When we noticed the issue of the changes not saving we tried on the other two templates and have the exact same issue. 


So we are unfortunately we are unable to send out invoices to our customers in the correct format. (We did try creating our own template following the guidelines but this has been rejected every time when we tried to import!)


We have spoken to 5 different people from Quick Books who have all entered into 'Screen Share' and been confused by why this is happening; however, nobody can seem to resolve this issue for us.