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Refund on sales receipt

I issued an invoice in September that the customer paid in full.

We later agreed a lesser charge so I issued a partial credit note and refunded the customer the value of the credit note.

How do I now post the refund against the credit note to match and clear the balance.


QuickBooks Team


Hi David


There are a few steps you would need to follow to show this refund and match the transaction. As you already have the credit note done the next steps are below


1. go to the + symbol in the top right

2.select expense

3.fill in the customer as the payee

4. In account details under account select the debtors account(it may also be called accounts receivable)

5. fill in the amount refunded the bank account paid from and any other fields you need to and  save and close

6. go back to the + symbol

7. click on receive payment and then select the customer

8. make sure the expense to debtors and the credit note are ticked and the date is correct and then save and close

9.this closes the credit note and shows the refund as paid and you can then go into the banking section and you should see a match there


Any questions at all let us know


Kind regards



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Perfect, thank you so much.

QuickBooks Team


You are welcomeSmiley Happy


Have a good weekend